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Good morning protein

By Vince Del Monte for Body Building -

Nuts are wonderful sources of healthy fats that help your body maintain the blood sugar level stable for long periods. A study was published in mid-2011 in the Diabetes Care Journal, in which they studied the value of 2-1/2oz. of nuts versus a muffin of the same calorific value.

The first group added 75 grams of nuts per day to their diet, the second added a protein-fortified whole-wheat muffin, and the third added half of a serving of each to their diet. After three months, the first group showed dramatic improvements in their LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) and healthier cholesterol ratios overall than the other two groups. That same group also showed significantly improvements in the HbA1c test of blood glucose control.

This was a convincing vote of support for the ability of nuts to support not only heart health, but balance blood sugar. In real life terms, stable blood sugar translates to consistent energy and alertness, rather than staggering around in a hypoglycemic glaze looking for an easy carb fix.

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