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Profile: Lager

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Lager is the world’s favourite type of beer. All the biggest beer brands are lagers, from Budweiser to Carling to Pilsner Urquell, which is the original Pale Lager. There are other kinds of Lagers, though: Bock, Dortmunder, Dunkel, Helles, Rauchbier, Vienna Lager and more besides. Some of these — like Vienna or Dunkel — are far from golden, too. There are Dark Lagers as well as Pale Lagers.

So what sets Lager apart from Ale? Two things. Lagers are fermented with a slow acting yeast that is able to do its work at very low temperatures. It’s also traditionally conditioned for longer than Ale, and at a very low temperature, before being released for sale ('Lagern' is a German verb meaning ‘to store’). The Czech Budweiser (called Budvar in the UK) makes great play of the fact that it is conditioned for 90 days, although 28 days is more common.

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