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The Dormen's Story in America & South America

We know that the journey to America and South America was the Dormen's most important. He was able to share with us the finds of the finest Virginia Grade Peanuts, Cashews and Almonds. 

Salted Cashews

The Dormen asked for the Salted Cashews to be shared with the world, and that we have done. If he wasn't serving cashews, he was talking about them. And their buttery texture. And their health benefits. And the fact that they grow on trees. 

Dry Roasted Peanuts

We only use Virginia grade peanuts, which are renowned for having the largest size kernel and the best flavour for a truly gourmet snack. Who do we have to thank for that? You guessed it, The Dormen. He was also faced with the choice between Salted or Dry Roasted Peanuts and he couldn't decide, just like we can't either. That's probably why today they are both best-sellers! 

Salted Peanuts

The Dormen agreed that Salted Peanuts are a classic snack. Describing them as 'Sizeable and Loveable' , he knew that Salted Peanuts wouldn't be going out of fashion any time soon. 
The Dormen deemed the ordinary Salted Peanuts still fancy enough for his guests. So, we take that as they are simply the best. 

Across the Globe

The Dormen's Story in Asia

The Dormen doesn't tell much on his journey through Asia. He is secretive, private and humble. But, we have collected what we can about his discoveries and what he chose to serve to the high profile employers he had. 

Luxury Bombay Mix

We know that the Dormen came into contact with Bombay Mix on his travels through South Asia. On this occasion, the  Dormen wasn't shy with sharing his favourite recipe and putting it on a postcard. Of course, it is the same recipe that we use today, as we still serve only the finest snacks. 

Wasabi Peanut Crackers

The Wasabi flavour is what the Dormen was able to identify while in Japan. He has taught us of the Japanese legend that says Wasabi was discovered hundreds of years ago in a remote mountain village by a farmer. Although never seen eating this fiery flavour (he probably couldn't deal with the fuss) the Dormen was a fan and suggested it be paired with a peanut. 

Sweet Chilli Peanuts

Describing an 'adventure' on his taste buds, the Dormen hinted to recipe for Sweet Chilli Peanuts from Singapore. 'I have discovered a taste of Singapore' he wrote, and this is where we aim to transport you to today with the flavours and sensations The Dormen dreamt of after that moment. 

Home-ward Bound

The Rest of The Dormen's Story

The Dormen often witnessed foods in other countries not make it over to his home country yet. He liked to think of himself as the explorer who brought it over, but he knew to be honest about where the nuts and flavours came from.

Salted Bar Mix 

Salted Bar Mix is a Dormen classic. His favourite combination was Peanuts, Cashews and Almonds and that is the recipe today. 

Belgian Chocolate Coated Peanuts

Introduced in 1925 in the United States, The Chocolate Covered Peanut was a success.
Becoming a staple at snack kiosks and being a delicious treat, the Dormen knew his guests would enjoy these. 
Of course, the Dormen wouldn't choose ordinary Milk Chocolate. He would choose only the finest Belgian chocolate for his selection. 

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